The Danger of Patriotism

If I were a government, it would be most likely that I would want to keep my power. In order to safeguard that power, it would be necessary to eliminate or minimize opposition, whether it be political or social, and an effective way to neutralize opposition is to make people love me. To attain this love, I must convince the people that I am doing what I can to improve their quality of life and I would rather not let them know of any information that says otherwise. And in the case in which the people find out controversial information about me, it would be necessary to convince them that I were the “good guy.” In other words, if I were a government, I would want the people to be patriotic. Their patriotism would blind them and thus, would make them malleable; patriotism easily turns into chauvinism. And in the case where there is still opposition, it would be necessary to label them unpatriotic, to publicize that they do not love their country and it is very possible that the patriots would do this for me. It is in this way, not exclusively of course, that I could possibly stay in power, if I were a government.