Doctor Teacher Relationship

It is said that doctors work against their careers because if they can truly help their patients, their patients would not return, and therefore, the career would not generate profit. This seems to be true for any type of doctor, for the purpose of a doctor is to heal and improve the quality of life, and if the patients do return, then it would only mean that the doctor was not successful.

Despite the fact that doctors would always have someone new to treat and therefore, would never be in a position of losing a career no matter how successful they were, this logic, I believe, is quite useful. It is useful in the sense that it can be utilized to understand other concepts.

In this specific case, I am using this logic to help me understand the role of a teacher. A teacher does not only pass on knowledge; his purpose is not to give students apples and oranges, only to expect apples and oranges in return. But rather the goal of a teacher is to give students apples and oranges and receive a pineapple. In other words, the aim of a teacher is to encourage students to think independently, inspire them to develop their potential, and motivate them to pursue their passions.

And if in fact the goal of a teacher is to encourage, inspire, and motivate, then it could be said that the role of a teacher is to give direction. And if that is true, then the teacher, just as the doctor, would work against his career.